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The Top 5 Must-Have Beers for a Memorial Day Weekend

Picture this.  You arrive at a cookout or family gathering ready to kick back and enjoy a beautiful day with great company.  You’re ready to relax, eat some good food and remember our fallen heroes. It’s a day of thanks for the valor of others and a day to relax and enjoy these freedoms. However, you find out that the cooler is empty.  Suddenly panic sets in, this isn’t what you were picturing for your 3-day weekend.

Memorial Day is just around the corner and you’re probably already making plans for the 3-day weekend.  Whether those plans include a cookout with family or a lake day with friends, I’m sure that beer might be at the top of your shopping list.  Instead of sticking with your regular go-to beers, we’ve got some great options ready to please your palate and your guests.  These are the top 5 must-have beers for Memorial Day weekend.

1: 3 Floyd’s Gumballhead American Wheat

We start our Memorial Day list with an American wheat ale.  This local Indiana legend pours bright gold with nice white head and good retention. Grapefruit aroma rolls off the foam from the hand-picked Amarillo hops. Crisp and clean, this beer pushes the bitterness line without going too far.

ABV: 5.6% IBU: 35


2: 18th Street Best Patio Pilsner

Pick up this patio must-have (I mean it says it right in the name of the lager) and enjoy this light and crisp beer. This beer has a great clean taste for those with a mild palate and a pleasant aroma. If we want to get romantic with our description, it has a light golden straw color. Heavy carbonation gives an ample white head that melts into a nice lace. True to the style which is perfect for the start of summer.

ABV: 4.9%


3: Revolution Freedom of Speach Session Sour

Staying true to honoring Memorial Day, this crushable session sour has a fierce legal talon adorning the can. Brace yourself for this sweet beer that brings fruitiness to the top of our beer list. Though this beer is sweet, it does end with a tart finish and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy (outside) just like a fuzzy peach…. see what I did there?  This is the beer that will take you to the summer nights you’ll never forget… or will forget. Freedom is yours.

ABV: 4.5% IBU: 7


4: Bell’s Official Hazy IPA

We had to hop on the haze craze somewhere on the list. And this beauty pours an opaque lemon yellow bursting with American hop aroma. The can looks like it belongs at a baseball game. The smell takes you on a tropical oasis. Very nicely balanced bitterness against the malt. Highly accessible, easy drinker.

ABV: 6.4% IBU: 55


5: Fenwick Farms Brewing Company’s Bravo4 APA

This flagship recipe from local boys Fenwick Farms Brewing Company was brewed in tribute to co-owner Kenny VanHouten who served about a decade and two over-seas tours in the United States Army. If it’s pouring in the brewpub, he has it in hand. This American Pale Ale pours a sunburnt gold with a one finger white foam head. Hops come from neighboring hop farm Cone Keepers. Fresh flake form uses Cascade and Chinook throughout the boil and dry hopped for 7 days with Comet. Great fresh hop brew.

ABV: 5.7% IBU: 42


We hope you enjoyed this kick ass list of top 5 must-have beers for Memorial Day weekend to kick off your summer.

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